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We are creative!  We LOVE a challenge!  We will develop a show for your event! 

A brochure of all our shows available upon request.  Brochure created by Transformation Marketing, 610-678-7138 for all your business project needs call Marie.

For more info on programs, email Debi - act1ministry@aol.com

Coming in 2018 - Railroader's Rustic Overnight Tour!  This new event is a two night stay at the newly converted Red Caboose Motel & Casey Jones Restaurant, ride aboard the Historic Strasburg Railroad, entrance into the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and Debi Irene's 1890's circa murder mystery The Chameleon.  If you love trains, good food, crazy murder mystery events, this is the perfect stay for you and your group.  Promotional material will be available in a few weeks!  email Debi to receive information @ act1ministry@aol.com

Youtube clip of our Bonnie & Clyde train robberyhttps://youtu.be/5p_Sy8Nhe9Q?list=PLnyVnMiHmExhg1BSqH64DfQ6fzfku7qTY

Youtube clip of Debi's latest song: Little Swingin' Chairhttps://youtu.be/pVBs8BNs8Zc


                                         2 NEW PRESENTATIONS Coming soon in 2018!


  • Frankly, Anne! The story of Anne Frank told in first-person by one of Act 1 Production's teens, Mikayla Morgan.  Anne Frank has been one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust since her diary was published after her death many years ago.  This program will be geared especially for school groups, middle to high school ages.  Mikayla Morgan will speak... frankly... as the young woman whose entire life changed beyond our wildest comprehension.  Watch for updates! Frankly, Act 1 Productions is tremendously excited to see this presentation come of age!
  • The Dark Side of the Moon Escape Room from the twisted brain of Joshua Wahl... watch for more info TBA in the New Year!



Busy at an escape room for Magical Mystery tour.

Mikayla is ready to assist at our Magical Mystery escape room!

Magical Mystery Tour Escape Rooms! Joshua Wahl has developed a fun escape room for team building for all those die hard Beatles fans. Act 1 Productions can and will bring this escape to your business and private homes for fun parties! Designed for all rooms and sizes of groups.  Your Mother Should Know that you can do this even if you are the Fool on the Hill!  For more information email debi - act1ministry@aol.com

Escape Wonderland!  Debi Irene Wahl has created a fun, touring escape room.  It is designed to be adaptable to all homes, rooms and sizes of groups. Truly see if you are able to match the mad wits of our Wonderland Queen of Hearts!  For more information, email debi - act1ministry@aol.com

Stalag 14 or Freedom? Escape the Room   -   David Hornberger has put a fun, mind working escape for your private group, at your home, choice of venue, etc.  The bumbling Colonel David Hornberger has taken you and your guests hostage to help him find the hidden treasure of Hitler.   By solving a series of puzzles and mindbenders you can earn your right to freedom. Colonel David Klink Hornberger and his lovely French Resistance Spy Claudette Monet will be your hosts and entertainment on this perilous adventure. Are you ‘sshmart’ enough to earn your freedom?

Magical Mystery Tour Team Building! Your team of 4 will work to escape within the hour using the magic of the Beatles!  What a great way to build camaraderie within your business.


A Series Of Misdemeanors:  A musical farce. Mumsy has gone on to her heavenly reward.  She left behind some tokens of her love. What happens when the kids start fighting over these tokens can lead to felony, or at least a couple of misdemeanors! For a five minute 'cast view' clip of taken at one of our venues: https://youtu.be/4zDiK0jyzKw?list=PL7BtZwDOyBPVC6tNJA1mG8ABGDuO_lost

Alice in Wonderland:  For your fun event, a human chess board match with our nuts from Wonderland. Croquet anyone? Join the Mad Hatter, Red Queen and Cheshire for an amazing Tea Party Adventure! OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!                             

Always A Bridesmaid:  A fun interactive comedy "reception".  Looking for something new and fresh for your bridal party?  Do we have the crazy show for you!  This is a scripted show but with reception like interaction. And we even have a snooty Matre D. Turn this hilarious program into a bridal expo!

                                                     MURDER MYSTERIES

The Case of the Shaken, Rattled & Rolled Reporter: Maddie Yuengel's fun, interactive 50's murder mystery rocks around the clock with some crazy 50's fun! This four person cast might leave you cruisin' for a bruisin' but you will have us back for more... see ya later alligator!
Our movie trailer for Maddie Yuengel's newest show, The Case Of The Shaken, Rattled and Rolled Reporter on the Strasburg Railroad, Ronks, PA here at You Tube.   

The Chameleon, a murder 'whodunit?': Debi's first murder mystery written still engages the audience with its Victorian charm. 

The Goobers and Murder!:  Over 10 years ago, Debi introduced a crazy family of hillbillies who constantly 'trip' over murder. They were an instant hit. The Goobers still have audiences laughing out loud while trying to figure out 'whodunit' with the simple charm of Ma Goober and her sons!                                                                                                                                                

Goobers and the Male Beauty Pageant Murder on the dining cars of the Strasburg Railroad. Click here to see the trailer on You Tube.

The Murder of Woolly Sedge:   4 guests are suspects in the murder of a man named Woolly Sedge. Unfortunately, no one has ever seen Mr. Sedge, no ones knows who Mr. Sedge was and no one is talking! Was it Blackberry Lily, Scarlet Pimpernel or Vernalgrass? If you have guessed these are all names of flowers, you are onto something!

Murder by Shoofly Pie:
What happens when dessert becomes deadly? Act 1 Productions brings four 'servers' to your event. We will even serve the food, if you have the courage for it! This fun, interactive murder mystery

The Redhead Speakeasy, 1920's styled murder mystery: Want a crazy fun show for your party? Your guests become gangsters, dolls and molls... and suspects! A unique time your guests will remember forever!

The Monster Mashed?: Based on the 60's hit song and with our crazy four-person cast. Debi Irene Wahl's interactive ghoulish show just published by Lazy Bee Scripts, UK. Really a fun, smart-alecky show with a great bunch of miscreants! 

Dying to Dine:  Scripted with guest questions 7-person show is set in the deep south.  Someone bumped off the rotten sheriff.  Show requires 30 feet of space for the "diner's" best experience. Our cast sits in with your audience and we get real with our food! Was it the rat poison on Killer Chili?

Grandma has been involved in a 'deer' over!Grandma got run over by a reindeer?  Say WHAT! This is a fun and lighthearted interactive mystery for any age group.  You have been invited to grandma's for a Christmas party but she is late... you will stay once you hear she has had a bit of a hit, not miss, and play games, do puzzles and other party things to earn clues.  If you can guess who tried to bump off the wealthy old granny, you might win a door prize!  We come to your church, home, favorite restaurant or winery and off we go in a multi purpose sleigh! For more info contact us at: act1ministry@aol.com

Blood Of The Vine - a storytelling murder mystery. Unlike our other shows, this is done as a three person storytelling. The audience hears the sad haunting tale of two families that united to bring their vineyards together but the ending was not what anyone hoped it would be.  Enjoy good wine?  Tastings? This is the show for a special wine tasting, dinner or evening around the fire.  Contact act1ministry@aol.com for more information.

                                              ROBBING FOR FUNDRAISING?  Yep!

Bonnie & Clyde Robbery (Fundraising fun): For many years we have taking a train robbery aboard the Strasburg Railroad and it has doubled as a fundraiser for Clinic for Special Children, Lancaster.  We have also taken robberies to other fun events and functions to add something new and interactive to your fundraising events. 


Photo by Mike Ciosek - Great Train Robbery for fundraisers - great fun! 

                                                       BIBLICAL & CHRISTIAN PROGRAMS

Seeing in the Darkness, the story of Fanny J. Crosby: This 45-minute (can be adapted longer or shorter) musical recounts the life of Fanny J. Crosby as told by Aunt Fanny.  "I knew this would be something special from the first show we did.  I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and it has been an incredible joy to be able to share this strong woman of faith's life to audiences throughout the country. To God Be The Glory! Debi Irene"

With All My Heart, Love Corrie: The story of Corrie Ten Boom, as shared by Louise Gernert, This story WILL move you to tears. That is a given. 1 hour in length. Corrie's life was a testimony to God's presence during even the worst times on earth.  

Debuting in 2017 - I Am Paul: Sunny Sweigart brings an incredible first-person experience as the aged apostle to your audience.  Paul is waiting for his execution, but as the audience visits with him, he begins to share how his life was forever changed the day he was struck blind so that he might see.

Esther:                                                                                                                                      A full-length musical presentation with a dozen actors, singers and an original score by Debi Irene Wahl.

I Am John's Mother, the story of Susanna Wesley:  The mother of the two beloved writers shares her life in this 45-minute presentation with audience participation in the singing, led by Debi.  Louise Gernert is our Susanna.

I Must Tell Jesus, the story of Elisha & Susan Hoffman:   The story is dedicated to Pastor Rose Hoffman who went to be with the Lord in 2011.  Elisha was a circuit-riding minister from Schuylkill County.  He married Sue Orwig (her family founded Orwigsburg) and together they wrote music, Sunday School material and raised three boys. Their life story in this 45-minute musical presentation. Featuring: Debi Irene Wahl as Sue Orwig Hoffman and Sunny Sweigart as Elisha Hoffman.

Ladies Retreat Bible Studies:  Debi has written several weekend Bible Studies for ladies.  Including studies on Deborah, the Prophetess; the book of Ruth; Cracked Pots, a study for the broken; Fellowship (It Does a Body Good) and Women in Church Leadership. 

The Master In Our Midst:   The story of the friendship between Jesus and the siblings, Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  This 8 person, 1 & 1/4 hours long musical features Clark Lash as Jesus and some of Debi's favorite original songs, including the awesome musical tribute, " I Am The Resurrection."

Whither Thou Goest, the story of Ruth: An original Christian musical by Debi Irene Wahl, 1 hour,  4 person cast with some light audience participation. Great show for church banquet's, mother/daughter festivities and Rally Days.   

                              HOLIDAYS, SPECIAL EVENTS, IMPERSONATORS

Elves: Act 1 Productions has hired and trained some of the best 'characters' in the state.  Our elves are always accompanied by our Mama Elf or Papa Elf to make sure your event is handled perfectly by our crew.  

Mrs. Claus: will borrow Santa's sleigh so that she may read and sing with your children of all ages and bring a special presentation that will delight the audience.

Princesses Live: will arrive for your child's special party and engage the children, give a gift for each child and make your little girl that special princess on her special day.

Easter Bunny: Meeting Miss Vermont... have hop, will travel!

The Story of Katharine Hepburn: Mari Luckenbill is a marvelous Katharine Hepburn in this one-woman presentation. Perfect for a senior luncheon or a Hollywood themed event.

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere: Portrayed superbly by Philip Jacobson.  An  interactive school assembly program for grades 3 - 7 presents the correct historical facts of our country's amazing history. Philip just finished a wonderful program for the CHAP Convention, Harrisburg, PA to an enthusiastic audience. Great presentation with smaller groups, as well as large auditorium sized crowds. 45-minute presentation with great audience participation for youth groups. 

Debuting in 2017/2018 school year: Frankly, Anne. The sad but compelling story of Anne Frank will be presented by one of Act 1 Productions' talented teens.  More info TBA.                                         

                                               MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT

Debi Irene Wahl in concert:  Debi has been singing since the age of 6 when she sang her first solo in church.  Her roots are in singing and she is always the happiest at a singing gig. Concerts can be adapted for all seasons, events and needs. Debi's son, Joshua often adds strong guitar and backup vocals to the mix, as well as Debi's group Evensong.  Whatever your event, or special occasion, if you love music to be a part of your life, Debi will create something unique for   you.  Including these listed below: 

Debi's interactive Children's concerts: Christmas, Easter, all themes, Secular and Christian.  Children are precious and we make them feel special by having them become part of the act in every song with instruments, simple costumes, fun dancing and props galore!

Hymns from the Heart: a concert that features some of the lovely older hymns that we all sing but might never know the often heartbreaking reason they were written.  This concert is extremely popular around Thanksgiving when we all remember to give thanks to those who went before us into a strange world that we might all have freedom for worship. 

Singing telegrams!  We do it best! A special song, flowers or chocolates for that special occasion delivered within a 100 mile radius of Berks County, PA.

Vocalists for all occasions:  For that holiday party, tree lighting ceremony or strolling event, we do it best.  The wonderful vocals of multiple talented people in Act 1 Productions will bring the Christmas Joy to your occasion. 


Two published books and cd's by Debi available. The Blendings - When small town America opens its arms to a cult, what can anyone do to stop the storm of darkness?   http://www.editingtlc.com/book_reviews_5   A review of my Christian fiction, The Blendings.  Thanks to Joyce M. Gilmour (a.k.a. Hawkeyes) for a lovely review


Jesus, I'm Coming written after a severe motorcycle accident.  This is a book that talks of the faithfulness of God throughout our lives and all honor and glory to Him.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtQ8dVvo8bM  Debi's book,  Jesus I'm Coming  - a diary of God's faithfulness.