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For more info on programs, email Debi - act1ministry@aol.com

Youtube clip of our Bonnie & Clyde train robberyhttps://youtu.be/5p_Sy8Nhe9Q?list=PLnyVnMiHmExhg1BSqH64DfQ6fzfku7qTY

Youtube clip of Debi's latest song: Little Swingin' Chairhttps://youtu.be/pVBs8BNs8Zc

TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING!  Part of the fun of traveling theater is making changes, upgrading, removing, tweaking and constantly evolving.  Many of the shows that were listed just weeks ago have been removed. Why? Debi will be working with the company that has already published her show "The Monster Mashed?!" to publish several of her murder mysteries and comedies.  To that end, we are removing them from the market at this time, tweaking and beginning the publishing cleanup process.  Act 1 Productions, LLC looks forward in anticipation to the fun we will continue with Lazy Bee Scripts in the United Kingdom. 

Locally, Act 1 Productions will concentrate on our school presentations "Frankly, Anne" and "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" as well as our shows aboard our train and repeat restaurant/church venues. 

And check out our Church Presentation page, all shows continue to travel as the Lord leads.

Act 1 Productions, LLC is prayerfully working on expanding Debi's concerts and travels now that hubby looks toward retirement.  "From my fist solo in church at age 6 to my 60th birthday this March, my first love has always been singing for the Lord... hands down.  This gives me the opportunity to travel extensively and take the Big Dutchman along! So excited for the doors the Lord will open." Debi Irene Wahl            

Debi Irene Wahl as Miss Patsy Cline


  • Frankly, Anne! The story of Anne Frank told in first-person by one of Act 1 Production's teens, Mikayla Morgan.  Anne Frank has been one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust since her diary was published after her death many years ago.  This program will be geared especially for school groups, middle to high school ages.  Mikayla Morgan will speak... frankly... as the young woman whose entire life changed beyond our wildest comprehension.  Watch for updates! Frankly, Act 1 Productions is tremendously excited to see this presentation come of age!


                                                     MURDER MYSTERIES
A sample of what we have to offer below:

The Choir Sang MurderTwo new shows debut this season on the Strasburg Rail Road.  They are:

The Choir Sang Murder! Strasburg Rail Road is hosting a concert for its dinner guests, featuring The Strasburg Choir. The menu looks wonderful, but it was never meant to include murder! When the choir’s heavy-handed director is bumped off during the ride – in front of the guests – someone has hit a sour note! From the twisted mind of Debi Irene Wahl, this fun murder mystery sings madness, harmonizes murder, and serves up some serious discord!  

The Goobers & the Popped-up Dessert Bar Murder Mystery The lovable, but certifiably hillbilly family is at it again… they just seem to have a habit of stumbling into murder! Ma has opened a pop-up pastry bar in the dining cars of the Strasburg Rail Road. Being high-minded ‘entrenewers’ as they call themselves, Ma and the boys convinced the dining car staff to give them a chance at a pop-up dessert bar on the train. Jonah convinced everyone that they could sell Ma’s small pies a lot faster if they called them French Pastries and learned a little French. Things were going well… for about five minutes. But now, the head chef is dead, the servers are scared to go near the desserts, and Ma is definitely guilty of something, at least that’s how Jonah puts it. Jonah considers himself the gendarme: French for policeman, and feels if he and his brothers cannot find out who really killed the head chef then it is “right and fittin’ that Ma goes to jail; after all, she made the pies.” Once again, the only place you can see The Goobers this season is aboard the Strasburg Rail Road

The Goobers posing with a wonderful guest aboard the Strasburg Rail Road.                                                                                

The Case of the Shaken, Rattled & Rolled Reporter: Maddie Yuengel's fun, interactive 50's murder mystery rocks around the clock with some crazy 50's fun! This four person cast might leave you cruisin' for a bruisin' but you will have us back for more... see ya later alligator!
Our movie trailer for Maddie Yuengel's newest show, The Case Of The Shaken, Rattled and Rolled Reporter on the Strasburg Railroad, Ronks, PA here at You Tube.   

The Chameleon, a murder 'whodunit?': Debi's first murder mystery written still engages the audience with its Victorian charm. 

Murder by Shoofly Pie:
What happens when dessert becomes deadly? Act 1 Productions brings four 'servers' to your event. We will even serve the food, if you have the courage for it! This fun, interactive murder mystery

The Redhead Speakeasy, 1920's styled murder mystery: Want a crazy fun show for your party? Your guests become gangsters, dolls and molls... and suspects! A unique time your guests will remember forever!

The Monster Mashed?: Based on the 60's hit song and with our crazy four-person cast. Debi Irene Wahl's interactive ghoulish show just published by Lazy Bee Scripts, UK. Really a fun, smart-alecky show with a great bunch of miscreants! 

Grandma has been involved in a 'deer' over!Grandma got run over by a reindeer?  Say WHAT! This is a fun and lighthearted interactive mystery for any age group.  You have been invited to grandma's for a Christmas party but she is late... you will stay once you hear she has had a bit of a hit, not miss, and play games, do puzzles and other party things to earn clues.  If you can guess who tried to bump off the wealthy old granny, you might win a door prize!  We come to your church, home, favorite restaurant or winery and off we go in a multi purpose sleigh! For more info contact us at: act1ministry@aol.com

                                              ROBBING FOR FUNDRAISING?  Yep!

Bonnie & Clyde Robbery (Fundraising fun): For many years we have taking a train robbery aboard the Strasburg Railroad and it has doubled as a fundraiser for Clinic for Special Children, Lancaster.  We have also taken robberies to other fun events and functions to add something new and interactive to your fundraising events. 

Photo by Mike Ciosek - Great Train Robbery for fundraisers - great fun all aboard The Wilmington and Western Railroad, Wilmington, DE.

Elves: Act 1 Productions has hired and trained some of the best 'characters' in the state.  Our elves are always accompanied by our Mama Elf or Papa Elf to make sure your event is handled perfectly by our crew.  

Mrs. Claus: will borrow Santa's sleigh so that she may read and sing with your children of all ages and bring a special presentation that will delight the audience.

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere: Portrayed superbly by Philip Jacobson.  An  interactive school assembly program for grades 3 - 7 presents the correct historical facts of our country's amazing history. Philip just finished a wonderful program for the CHAP Convention, Harrisburg, PA to an enthusiastic audience. Great presentation with smaller groups, as well as large auditorium sized crowds. 45-minute presentation with great audience participation for youth groups. 

A special children's interactive concert for Christmas in Bally, PA.Debi Irene Wahl in concert:  Debi has been singing since the age of 6 when she sang her first solo in church.  Her roots are in singing and she is always the happiest at a singing gig. Concerts can be adapted for all seasons, events and needs. Debi's son, Joshua often adds strong guitar and backup vocals to the mix.  Whatever your event, or special occasion, if you love music to be a part of your life, Debi will create something unique for you.  Including: Children's special concerts, Christmas, Easter, Patriotic, Mother's Day.  Interactive or straight concert style.