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PHOTO BY: Dale Hazard Photography, the official photographer for Act 1 Productions. Dale is retired and the only place you will see his photos is our train robberies. We truly appreciate Dale!


2/20/2018: (Email received)

Debi, thanks for coming last night to do the BINGO program at our church.  The show was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it!!  You have such a gift for performing!
May God continue to bless your ministry.
Mildred H. (Richwood UMC Mullica Hills, NJ)

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From: Richard
To: Debi Irene Wahl, Act1Productions <act1ministry@aol.com>
Sent: Tue, Sep 5, 2017 9:00 pm
Subject: Re: Event for 9/1 and 9/2

Thanks so much. It really was a blast and you and that silver throats of yours were fantastic!  Have fun at the Strasburg. Sorry I will miss you.  Harry

10/12/2017: (Email received after a Team Building event in Delaware.) Debi – both you and “Bounce” were absolutely wonderful last night.  I just hope with all of my running around that my folks treated you well.  It was so well coordinated and fun-filled.  I have received much positive feedback.  I honestly don’t know how you pulled that off with such limited resources.  I hope you are well and our paths cross again in the future! Sincerely,Deana

12/14/2016 This was the best Christmas presentation we have ever had.  (A very kind word of appreciation from one of the staff members of Brookside Montessori School, Bechtelsville.  Debi as Mrs. Claus visited with the children, read and sang with them and checked the naughty/nice list... thankfully all were on the nice list!  Whew!)

5/11/2016 Wow! What a great show!! What a terrific person  you are. The LORD has truly blessed you - Keep up the great work.  Everyone enjoyed!! Thanks again Bev @ Brickerville Leisure Club

(Via email from Ann M at Strasburg Railroad, Ronks, PA after the third of our seasonal Bonnie & Clyde Great Train Robberies.)   BONNIE & CLYDE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY ON OCTOBER 24, 2015 RAISED  $954.68 for this event which is phenomenal; the most we have ever raised for a single event.  Our total contributions for the year are $1,962.49.  Thank you to everyone for your great work! 

9/21/2015 Debi,  Thank you so much!   We had a blast, the actors were fantastic!    I have received so many inquiries about how people can book their own murder mystery dinners/parties.  The Pagoda was truly a fantastic location for this type of event.   It was a memorable evening for all and I can’t thank you all enough for a wonderful birthday celebration.  We would certainly love to do this again sometime.   All the Best,

Aug 25, 2015  Hi Debi,  On behalf of Arbor Gate Residents I want to thank you for sharing your talents with us at our annual Lakeview Center Block Party last Saturday.  Your selections were perfect for us and your voice is exceptional.  We look forward to you sharing with us in the future.  The Best to you and hope your foot heals quickly.  Thanks again!!  Carol

Aug 20, 2015 Debi!  I just want to thank you so much for the best kickoff, birthday party ever. I had the best weekend and couldn't have done it without all of your enthusiasm and of course Bounce's as well. I will be sure to refer you to everyone! You
were awesome.  Thank you! Brittany M.  (NOTE: We created a special murder mystery/treasure hunt in the 1920's Speakeasy style for Brittany's birthday using all her guests as the characters.  It was amazing!)

July 26, 2015 Hello, my wife and I rode the great train robbery yesterday, and I must say that is was very well done.  And when I say that, please note that we have been historic re-enactors ourselves for over 20 years (American Revolution era mostly).  The story line was much more complex than I thought, and when they walked past with the stolen gold shipment I almost fell over laughing.  My complements to one and all.   By the way we have been riding the Strasburg rails a few times a year for (we figure) 37 years. Our first ride was on the "Hello Dolly".  It was still yellow then.  Keep 'em rolling.  Gary & Darlene B

May 12, 2015 Hello,  My mother, my girlfriend and I attended the "Redhead Speakeasy" on Friday May 8th. We all had a very enjoyable evening, your show and the food were great. We definitely  are recommending your theater group to our friends and family.  If possible would you please forward the picture taken in the bar of the three of us.
Thank you,  Sincerely, Michael O...   (NOTE: We had a Speakeasy event and patrons had pictures taken with our flappers and gangsters, which we then sent to the patron only as a token of our appreciation, nothing ever posted on social media unless requested by the guests.)

May 4, 2015 Hi Act I,  I went to your murder mystery dinner theatre in Strausberg (Strasburg) tonight for my birthday, and I just want to thank you for making it such an unforgettable night. I loved the show and wouldn't trade the experience for the world. All of the actors and actresses in the show were a joy both on and offstage.
Thanks so much, Michaela G.

12/16/2014  Hi all: Just wanted to let you know we enjoyed our trip with you to Santa's North Pole today.  We rented the caboose and are so thrilled that we did!! Our children were excited to ride the train and then even more so when the saw Santa, Mrs Claus and the elves!!  Our elves were terrific - reading, singing and spending time with the kids and Santa and Mrs Claus are  just perfect! Each of you made our day so wonderful  and we are so thankful for your extra special touches! Can't wait to reserve our caboose for next year.  Let us know when we should look to schedule next year's trip. Merry Christmas, Maryann R.

9/7/2014 Debi - Thank you so much of helping St. Stephen's celebrate Rally Day.  This is our 4th year with Act 1 productions.  It's such a nice way to begin the school season.  I appreciate it more than you could know.  It's something to look forward to and gives us hope for the year ahead… Thank you.  Love you, Debi.  Cheryl W.  

4/7/2014  Hello, I just wanted to say, " We had a wonderful afternoon !" Your entire crew put on a fabulous train robbery at the Strasburg Station. I haven't seen my husband enjoy himself as much as he did today. Thank you!! Jeff, is a cancer patient, with stage 4 oral cancer., and it takes a lot to make him laugh these days..but A1 Productions did it. I was totally impressed n got a big kick out of the intoxicated guy...I want to thank him for not minding my taking photos of him alllll afternoon. Each and every one of your characters, did an exceptional job n we will be looking forward to yet another one of your robberies. You're all my favorites!!! Susie n Jeff , from Maryland  (Note: intoxicated guy is our own Sunny Sweigart and in character.  LOL) 

2/18/2014 Debi, I wanted to thank you for your part in our fund raiser for Bethesda UMC. I got such positive feedback on the evening. It was a pleasure hearing you share your talent and the ladies loved you too... you also mentioned you do other shows that involve singing, can you expound on that a little?  Once again thank you for making our event a huge success and I look forward to seeing you again.  Sid G.

2013 Hello Debi,  My husband and I were in Vermont to see the Friesian of Majesty Horses.  While in Vermont, we took a ride on the White River Flyer along the Connecticut River.  The "Murder By Shoofly Pie" mystery made the train ride great fun.  I was thrilled to see your business name on the program.  I have had many programs by Act 1 Productions through the years.  I especially loved you as Fanny Crosby.  So happy to see you taking your sunshine and fun to other states.  Good luck and God bless, Velva M. Carter-S...  

Act 1 Productions is dedicated to my parents, Edwin & Madeline Kauffman who allowed their children to reach for dreams and never said, "Impossible!"  Mom & Dad, you are both sorely missed.