Professional Live Theater & Concert Troupe

           Professional Live Theater & Musical Troupe 

-  Many new projects in 2015... check the projects link.

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A live taping with Quincy Harris, Entertainer Reporter for Fox 29 Philly... What a great sport he is!  From Act 1 Crew, we have Joshua Wahl, Stephen Mercer, Sunny Sweigart and Debi!  A bit of Maddie Yuengel's murder mystery, The Case of the Shaken, Rattled & Rolled Reporter.


Meet my new friend Debbie aka Energy! She is an actor on the Murder Mystery Train on the New Hope Ivyland Railroad  A video posted by AllMediaQ (@allmediaq) on Jul 9, 2015 at 5:44am PDT


Act 1 Productions, LLC is a family-friendly entertainment bureau.  We have entertainers, singers, actors, impersonators, presenters, speakers and more.  Under new direction in 2015, Josh Wahl, Marketing Director is taking us into a broader range of services.  Need a Cat in the Hat to read to your school children? Need a singer for a card o gram? Looking to turn your fundraiser to a new level with a "robbery"? Affordable and fun.  100 professional and always upping our game here at Act 1 Productions.  Contact Josh or Debi at:  act1ministry@aol.com

Our regular clients include: Strasburg Railroad, New Hope & Ivyland Railroad, Wilmington Western Railroad, Black River & Western Railroad, Hiawatha Paddle Ferry Boat, to name a few.

God has blessed mightily.     


 Debi's newest Gospel single: "Jesus, I'm Comin'" available for purchase. $1.99 for cd.  Contact debi @ act1ministry@aol.com

Introducing Act 1 Productions, LLC's 1st MVP: Joshua Wahl.   
Joshua began working for Act 1 Productions, LLC as an independent consultant in 2009. He has created a broader base of clientele and increased our ticket sales at venues with his marketing and sales skills. He is directly responsible for our work on The Hiawatha Paddlewheel, The Wilmington Western Railroad, The Black River and Western Railroad, The Weaversville Inn and more. Joshua has planned strategic direction for Act 1 in new client targeting, marketing, as well as renewing older clientele's interests in Act 1 Productions' evolving resume. If you are in need of sales/marketing and creative input to help get your business a broader base of clients or to help create new excitement within your older clientele base, Joshua will bring a fresh eye and new perspective for you. Click here to contact Joshua:  act1ministry@aol.com

Debi and songwriting buddy Charlotte Hilberts first collaboration, A Mighty Straight Line here on You Tube:  https://youtu.be/L5cdNM9hvqc

BREAKING NEWS: BONNIE & CLYDE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY ON JULY 25 NETTED $560.12.  Add that total to what was raised in April $447.61 for a total this year of 1007.73!  Yahoo!  Clinic for Special Children. Thanks guests for your complete kindness in helping these special children. We can't wait til October to see what the year finishes up in the donations made by the wonderful people who ride aboard the Strasburg Railroad, Ronks.PA.    

Come visit us.  Don't make us come after you!

Come visit us.  Don't make us come after you!

To listen to Debi's vocals, click songbird: